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These biblical images show the birth, life, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the role His Mother Mary had throughout His life until Her own death. Click on each thumbnail to see the larger picture and read a bible passage associated with each.
The Annunciation
The Archangel Gabriel appears to the Blessed Virgin Mary
(Luke 1. 19-26)
Angels appear to the shepherds
Angels appear to the 
shepherds by night
(Luke 2. 8-20)
The Wise Men
The Wise Men on their journey
meditate on the meaning of the star (Matthew 2. 1-2)
The shepherds adore Christ
The Holy Child is adored by
the shepherds of Bethlehem
(Luke 2. 16)
The Flight into Egypt 
St. Joseph escapes with the
Holy Child and his mother
(Matthew 1. 13-15)
Jesus is baptised by John the Baptist
Jesus is baptised by
John in the river Jordan
(Luke 3. 21)
Jesus scatters the moneychangers from the temple 
The traders and moneychangers are driven out
of the temple
(Matthew 21. 11-13)
The Poor Widow's Gift 
Jesus praises the widows gift
to the treasury of the temple
(Mark 12. 41-44)
Simon Peter loses faith 
St. Peter, beginning to sink,
cries out for help
(John 6. 16-21)
Jesus meet Levi the tax collector 
Levi is called to be a disciple,
from the receipt of custom
(Mark 2. 13-17)
Jesus starts His life's mission
The mission of the apostles into all nations and the whole world (Matthew 10. 5-15)
Jesus inviters Zaccheus to supper
Jesus invites 
Zaccheus to supper
(Luke 19. 1-10)
Jesus talks with the woman from Samaria
Jesus talks with the
woman from Samaria
(John 4. 1-41)
The miracle of the loaves and fishes 
Jesus multiplies the five
loaves and two small fish
(John 6. 1-14)
Jesus meets secretly with Nicodemus 
Nicodemus comes by night
to discourse with Jesus
(John 3. 1-22)
The Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane
The Agony in the 
(Matthew 26. 36-46)
The Crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ 
Jesus dies upon the cross
(Matthew 27. 45-56)
The Ascension of Our Lord into heaven 
Jesus ascends into heaven
to sit on the right hand of the Father (Luke 24. 50-53)
Two angels in shining robes
declare him risen
(Luke 24. 1-12)
The death of Mary the Mother of God 
The calm and peaceful death
of the Blessed Virgin
(John 19. 26-27)