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A Meditation on Eucharistic Adoration


Saint Peter Julian Eymard said: "One perform no more holy act on earth than that of Eucharist adoration. It is the perfect exercise of all the virtues: 

1. Of Faith - The exercise of faith is complete and perfect when I adore Jesus Christ veiled, hidden in the Most Sacred Host. Then all my faculties, all my senses subject themselves and adore. entirely in the spirit of faith. 

2. Of Piety - Piety, wholly centred on the hidden God, is exercised both inwardly and outwardly when I adore Him by prayer, contemplation, religious ritual, and with a deep respect.

3. Of Love - Since love takes in the entire law, I fulfil that law by adoring my Lord and God according to the first commandment, with my whole mind, my whole heaft, my whole soul and my whole being. 

4. Of Charity - In my adoration 1 can practise perfect charity towards my neighbour by praying for him and acting as mediator and victim for his salvation, obtaining for him my Saviour's graces and mercies. , 

Eucharist adoration is the most concrete expression of our adoration of God. Fixing our gaze on the Host we cannot but be aware of our nearness to God."